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Types of Wood Flooring 101: Your Complete Guide

Homeowners can choose from a variety of wood flooring options for their floors from Herringbone flooring in Dubai. They provide many types of wood flooring, each of which has distinct relative advantages and disadvantages. Understand more about the many varieties of wood flooring and the elements to consider when deciding which one to use.

What Are Wood Floors?

Wood flooring refers to any sort of permanent floor with the appearance of wood, regardless of whether it is produced from natural or synthetic lumber. Wood is an adaptable flooring material that is available in a variety of styles, colors, and species. There are two primary varieties of wood flooring: solid wood and engineered wood. Solid wood flooring is manufactured from solid planks of lumber. Engineered wood flooring consists of a wood veneer on top of a synthetic, reinforced underlayment that is not composed of wood. Here is some further information regarding these two types of flooring.

What is the difference between solid and engineered wood?

While solid wood flooring is manufactured from a single piece of wood, engineered wood flooring is constructed of a thin strip of solid wood (called the veneer layer) adhered to a plywood or high-density fibreboard (HDF) core.

Solid wood often comes in strips between 112 and 212 inches broad and 34 inches thick, or in boards between 4 and 8 inches wide.

Engineered wood strips are typically 12 to 38 inches thick, and because it is less susceptible to warping than solid wood, it is available in planks that are at least 12 inches wide.

herringbone flooring in Dubai

Repeatedly refinishing solid wood is possible

Because they are made entirely of solid wood, solid hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished repeatedly. If you take excellent care of your solid wood floor, it can last a lifetime.

Almost all types of wood flooring are available in both solid and engineered forms, and most people nowadays would have difficulty distinguishing between the two. Therefore, take this with a grain of salt.

There are several opportunities for customization with solid wood.

You have numerous alternatives at Floors Dubai when selecting a solid wood floor, ranging from the species (the type of tree it comes from) to the cut pattern and even the way it is finished. All of it will be discussed further on.

That doesn’t imply that engineered wood isn’t versatile. It is! But customization options are limited ad unique, particularly in terms of cut patterns.

Popular Wooden Flooring Options

  1. Oak flooring :

    Oak is by far the most common hardwood flooring species in the United States. The majority of household oak flooring is either red oak or white oak.

    Red Oak is warmer than White Oak. It generates floors with pinkish, scarlet, or rust undertones and has a high degree of grain diversity and personality.

    White Oak has gray-green undertones and a smoother, more uniform grain appearance than red oak, but less character and diversity.

  2. Ashes floors

    Ash flooring is the best option if you’re seeking for contemporary wood flooring options. Ash has an outstanding Janka rating (1320). Plus, its light grain fits exceptionally well in contemporary design. In addition, it is renowned for its capacity to absorb stains, so it can be customized to your desire. herringbone flooring in Dubai

  3. Hardwood flooring

    Even though walnut is one of the softer hardwood flooring options (with a Janka rating of 1010), it has a rich, chocolate-brown hue and intricate graining. It’s an excellent option if you want something that seems luxurious. 

  4. Maple flooring

    Only oak flooring is more common than maple flooring. Fine, subtle grain distinguishes maple floors with hues ranging from mild, creamy white to light reddish-brown.

  5. Mahogany flooring

    Mahogany flooring is prized for its warmth, opulence, and exquisite grain pattern. If you ask us, mahogany conjures images of old-fashioned luxury, elegant leather seats, grandfatherly counsel, etc.

Final Thought

Contact Floors Dubai! Our specialized team will guide you to find the ideal flooring types for you because we understand that everyone has unique needs when it comes to their floors. The best wood flooring types are simply the ones that work best for your needs, and we’ll help you find this ideal fit.

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