parquet flooring in Dubai

Beautiful Parquet Flooring Designs for your Home

Parquet floors provide the desired personality and visual appeal to your home. Floors Dubai offers a selection of magnificent designs to bring this versatile floor to life in your home, regardless of whether your interior design is classic, traditional, modern, or eccentric.

Since the introduction of parquet in the Palace of Versailles in the 16th century, parquet has always been a feature of well-decorated interiors. In the 16th century, hardwood blocks of various colors were hand-cut into geometric shapes and then glued into place to create an eye-catching walnut parquet flooring texture.

In recent years, innovative parquet flooring in Dubai designs has become increasingly common in high-end residential and commercial spaces.  From light and airy open offices to dark and private leisure rooms, Floors Dubai provides a variety of parquet flooring solutions, such as Laminate Parquet Flooring and parquet flooring tiles, to enhance your interior design. In terms of pricing, we provide comparably reasonable parquet flooring without compromising quality.

Manufacturing Of Parquet Flooring

Small wooden blocks or tiles are arranged in a mosaic-like pattern to create parquet flooring. This flooring material is available in various qualities, ranging from veneer-covered particle board to genuine hardwood fashioned into intricate designs.

The parquet floor looks stunning once it takes the intended vision. The dark parquet flooring texture gives your home a warm and inviting appeal, while its three-dimensional appearance adds depth to the room. This form of wood parquet flooring is extremely common in Western architecture.

Installation of parquet flooring, on the other hand, is a time-consuming and complex task due to its intricate design and archaic appearance. Our flooring installation services are reliable, affordable, and backed by a long warranty.

parquet flooring in Dubai

Several Popular Parquet Flooring Designs

  • Herringbone parquet
  • Straight design
  • Diagonal Pattern
  • Chevron Design
  • Brick Design
  • Basketweave parquet flooring
  • Checkered or cube parquet flooring
  • Mosaic parquet flooring

Advantages of Parquet Floors

Although many individuals cannot comprehend the significance of using the proper materials when creating homes or workplaces. Floors Dubai provides high-quality, significant materials to assure the durability of your flooring, from the initial design and selection to the final visual appearance.

Wood is a material that can be called a possible winner in the contemporary realm of interior design. Because of its natural and delicate warmth, it will be the most popular option in the future. Numerous advantageous characteristics of parquet flooring include:

  • Parquet flooring is one of the most adaptable and visually appealing types of wood flooring
  • The parquet floor enhances our appreciation for the texture and beauty of wood! Having aesthetic appeal
  • You can install parquet floor tiles with a variety of styles and beautiful patterns to enhance the beauty of your home
  • This is a distinctive floor design that can give warmth and texture to your interior

parquet flooring in Dubai

  • This multilayer floor can be installed in a multitude of ways to complement your home’s motif and color scheme
  • With proper maintenance, parquet flooring will survive for decades
  • The quality of the wood determines a parquet floor’s ability to withstand considerable foot traffic without showing indications of wear
  • However, their durability and lifespan are contingent on their installation, upkeep, and material quality. The cost of maintaining parquet floors is inexpensive

As a result of its durability and a wide variety of designs, Parquet and wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi have quickly become popular options for homeowners. One of the best Parquet Flooring Suppliers in Dubai, Floors Dubai also provides installation services at competitive rates.

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