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Maintenance Guide​

Most floors are relatively maintenance free. This means that they require little to no looking after. Some other floors, although luxurious require a little elbow grease to keep it looking its best. It is your individual statement, that you make with these floors, that will help you weigh taste against effort to have the floor you want, the way you want it!

When you look through the different products on the website, you will see that many come with specific provided documentation. These documents will help you gain a deeper understanding of the particular floor. These sections will also contain maintenance instruction on what you will need to keep your floor looking the way it was, when first installed.

Our care instruction are included for products like Solid and Engineered wood flooring. Laminates and LVT planks and tile flooring. Carpets, rubber mats and external decking floors.

If in case you have any difficulties in following the instructions or if there are any products where the instruction are missing, please do contact us on [email protected]. We will make sure you receive your maintenance instructions as soon as possible.

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