Underlay is usually used under a floor that is being laid. These can be ply boards, foam or rubber underlays to protect existing and overlaid floors.

Ply boards provide great protection for solid wood floors. Protecting your expensive wood floor with a barrier from rising moisture and providing stability for any laid flooring. These ply boards can also be used to level an existing floor. So that you get a perfect surface to finish of a laminate, engineered, solid or LVT wood floor.

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felt underlay for use with carpets
25.00 AED Per LM
5.00 AED16.00 AED Per M2
15.00 AED Per M2
38.00 AED Per M2
29.00 AED Per M2
30.00 AED Per M2
30.00 AED Per LM
dynamics sponge rubber underlay
45.00 AED Per LM
36.00 AED Per M2
39.00 AED Per M2
44.00 AED Per M2

foam and rubber underlay

Foam and rubber underlay have always accompanied wood and laminate floors for protection and rubber underlay provide much needed sound absorption to dampen walk about sounds.

Visit our blog page to learn more about how these under layers  can work to give your floor the perfect finish.

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