What Exactly Is Engineered Vinyl Flooring?

vinyl flooring Dubai

Engineered Vinyl Flooring in Dubai has become one of the most popular and effective solutions for today’s fast-paced life. Whether residential or commercial, specially engineered vinyl flooring can offer the best for you and your space, ensuring the highest quality and efficiency.

But before you choose any flooring for your home or office, let’s understand engineered vinyl flooring and its benefits.

What is engineered vinyl flooring?

Professionals create engineered vinyl flooring by pasting and compressing various floor materials around a high-density center. The upper layer mimics the look of wood. Engineered vinyl flooring is similar to LVT flooring strips made from other woods. This flooring option provides durability and elegance.

Manufacturing and composition of engineered vinyl flooring

Before you choose any option for your flooring, you must understand the manufacturing and composition of the product. And there is no exception for engineering vinyl flooring. Regarding engineered vinyl flooring, it usually has a multi-layered structure: a vinyl top layer, an HDF middle core, and a backing for stability.

Also, the lamination fuse layer in manufacturing engineered vinyl flooring adds to the visual appeal and durability.

Different layers of vinyl flooring

Engineered vinyl flooring has multiple layers that offer increased stability and durability and look visually appealing. Below, we will discuss each of them in detail-

  • Backing layer – A backing layer of the engineered vinyl flooring is essential for the flooring material to boost balance and prevent wrapping-related issues.
  • Middle core – The central core of engineered vinyl flooring is made with HDF and provides strength and reliance. It is beneficial for high-traffic areas.
  • Top layer– The primary purpose of vinyl flooring’s top layer is to offer an aesthetically appealing look and feel by replicating natural flooring materials such as wood, cement, or marble.

Benefits of Engineered Vinyl Flooring

Installing engineering vinyl flooring has several benefits. Below, we will list some of the key benefits of installing engineered vinyl flooring-

  • Water resistant– One of the crucial benefits of installing engineered vinyl flooring is water resistance. The vinyl top layer is waterproof and essential for moisture-prone zones.
  • Aesthetical value – Engineered vinyl flooring in Dubai offers excellent aesthetic value by replicating natural materials like marble, cement, and wood.
  • Durability – Lastly, engineered vinyl flooring offers increased durability and easily resists dents, scratches, and wear. As a result, they last longer than other flooring materials.
  • Easy Installation- Most engineered vinyl flooring has a click installation facility for easy installation.

vinyl flooring Dubai

How do you maintain engineered vinyl flooring?

Engineered vinyl flooring is durable and lasts longer than ordinary flooring options. However, using proper maintenance hacks helps to keep them well-maintained and increase their lifespan effectively.

For instance, you need to use mild-detergent, damp mop, and regular sweeping to keep them clean without causing any damage.

On the other hand, you can use furniture pads and floor rugs to minimise wear and tear due to constant foot traffic on the floor material. However, never use harsh chemicals or scrubs to clean engineered vinyl flooring.

Also, avoid spilling drinks and food with liquid substances, as they can harm the top layer of your flooring and damage its colour and look. Try to remove the spill immediately by dabbing a soft cloth following cleaning (with natural and mild cleaning products). You can hire professional maintenance to keep your engineered vinyl flooring clean and well-maintained.


Transform your space with the unmatched flexibility, durability, and aesthetic appeal of engineered vinyl flooring. Elevate your flooring experience with one of Dubai’s best and most cost-effective options. Make an informed decision with the comprehensive knowledge we’ve provided about engineered vinyl flooring.

For top-notch quality and a flooring solution that enhances the lifespan of your primary flooring, choose Floors Dubai. Contact us today to explore our extensive range and elevate your space with the best engineered vinyl flooring.

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