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Is Parquet Flooring In Kitchens A Suitable Choice?

Parquet flooring is a viable option for kitchens due to its enduring aesthetic appeal, robustness, and low upkeep requirements. The elaborate patterns and warm wood tones of the kitchen contribute to its visual appeal. Nevertheless, it is essential to consider certain factors. The waterproofing capabilities of the parquet are limited, necessitating meticulous upkeep to mitigate any water damage. However, most homeowners perceive the investment as valuable because of its durability and visually appealing aesthetics. To obtain professional guidance and proficient installation services for parquet flooring in Dubai in your kitchen, we recommend contacting Floors Dubai at your earliest convenience.

parquet flooring in Dubai

There are several things to consider while deciding on the best flooring for your kitchen. Choose a floor based on its aesthetic value and functionality, durability, and low maintenance requirements. Let’s weigh the benefits and drawbacks so you can make a wise choice.

Pros of Parquet Flooring in Kitchens

Aesthetic Appeal

The outstanding aesthetic value of parquet flooring in Dubai is well-known. It has the potential to improve your kitchen’s aesthetic dramatically. The area is cozier and more enjoyable, using complex patterns and dark wood tones. Parquet flooring is a versatile option that works well with traditional and contemporary kitchen designs.


Parquet flooring may survive for decades with the proper care. It is resistant to the heat, moisture, and spills expected in kitchens. The flooring’s longevity is contingent on the quality of the wood, the skill of the installers, and the strength of the protective coating.

Easy Maintenance

The upkeep of parquet flooring in Dubai is low-maintenance. Maintaining its pristine condition requires regular sweeping and odd mopping. Parquet is a clean alternative for kitchens since it doesn’t collect dust and debris as some other flooring types do.

Variety of Patterns

You may get parquet floor tiles in various designs to suit your taste. There is a wide variety of patterns, including herringbone, chevron, and basketweave. You may pick a design that fits well with the style of your kitchen and brings out its individuality.

Cons of Parquet Flooring in Kitchens

Water Sensitivity

Water damage to parquet floors is less likely than with regular hardwood, although they still can be damaged. Warping and discoloration can occur if an object sits in water for an extended period. It’s crucial to clean up accidents immediately to prevent the kitchen from being flooded.

parquet flooring in Dubai


Although parquet flooring in Dubai is generally easy to maintain, there may be instances where refinishing is necessary to preserve its optimal appearance. The process of sanding and resealing the floor is both costly and time-intensive.


Parquet flooring in Dubai installation might be more complex and time-consuming than with other flooring options. If you want a flawless installation, you need to contact pros.


There are several things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not parquet flooring in Dubai is suitable for your kitchen. Those prioritizing aesthetics and longevity will find it a worthwhile investment due to its enduring appeal. Nevertheless, to uphold its optimal state, regular maintenance is necessary, and it is imperative to be vigilant for any potential water-related concerns. By investing in high-quality parquet flooring and according to the requisite procedures, one has the potential to significantly transform the aesthetic and tactile experience of their kitchen space.

Contact Floors Dubai at +971 4 591 9188 or [email protected] for professional guidance on parquet flooring selections and installation. Regarding kitchen flooring, their knowledgeable staff can guide you in the proper direction and provide expert installation.

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Creating A Comfortable And Contemporary Living Room With Luxury Vinyl Plank

Regarding furnishing a contemporary and cozy lounge in Dubai, Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP/LVT) flooring is without peer. This artificial miracle flawlessly imitates the natural beauty of hardwood, tile, and stone while providing advantages that can’t be beaten. It is ideal for the harsh conditions of Dubai’s environment because of its multilayered design, which makes it durable, waterproof, and low maintenance. In conclusion, LVT Flooring in Dubai is an excellent compromise between style and functionality.

lvt flooring Dubai

The flooring option is essential when constructing a modern and cozy living room. Luxury Vinyl Plank is a type of resilient flooring that has skyrocketed in popularity recently. This multipurpose flooring option strikes the ideal balance between form and function, making it an excellent pick for Dubai residents. This article will discuss the benefits of LVT Flooring in Dubai and how it can be used to design a modern and inviting family room.

LVT Flooring: The Basics

Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is a product that effectively imitates the look of natural materials like hardwood, tile, and stone. It has a sturdy vinyl core, a photographic print layer, and a transparent wear coating for protection. Because of its robust composition, LVT flooring is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like the living room because it is water-resistant and straightforward to clean.

Comfort and Elegance Combined

The unrivaled mix of comfort and elegance offered by LVT Flooring in Dubai is a significant selling point for its installation in Dubai living rooms. Compared to hardwood or tile, LVT’s cushioned and comfy underfoot feel makes it ideal for resting, playing with children, or just getting around the house. You may get it in various wood, stone, and abstract patterning styles and finishes to complement your home’s unique design.

Durability and Low Maintenance

It is well-known that LVT flooring lasts for a very long time. It is resistant to spills and stains and almost entirely waterproof. This longevity is essential in Dubai, where high temperatures and humidity can damage less resilient flooring options. You may rest easy knowing LVT is resistant to warping, stains, and dampness. It’s also relatively simple to maintain: just a weekly sweep and an occasional mop will do the trick to keep it looking brand new.

lvt flooring Dubai

Contemporary Design Flexibility

Space, simplicity, and sleek furnishings are hallmarks of the modern living room. The elegant appearance of LVT floors works wonderfully here. It’s small footprint and flexible design options give you a clean, clutter-free look with less work. Choosing from a range of plank sizes and styles allows you to create a unique design that expresses your personality.

Sustainability and Affordability

LVT Flooring in Dubai is an excellent choice since it is stylish and long-lasting. In addition to the environmental benefits of using recycled materials, the manufacturing process for LVT flooring often results in less waste than conventional flooring. Besides looking and feeling luxurious, LVT is a more budget-friendly alternative to more expensive natural materials.


Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is an excellent option for homeowners in Dubai who want to create a modern and pleasant living room. It’s the best choice since it offers convenience, longevity, little upkeep, and creative freedom in design. Contact Floors Dubai at +971 4 591 9188 or [email protected] to learn more about the available LVT alternatives. LVT is the ideal combination of luxury and functionality, so install some in your living room today.

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How to Maintain Unfinished Wood Flooring?

Unfinished wood flooring, often hardwood parquet, is a popular choice for Abu Dhabi residences due to its natural beauty. Regular cleaning, including mopping gently with a light cleanser, is essential to preserving its attractiveness. Use coasters or other furniture protectors and know where your pet usually scratches. Protection from the sun and humidity regulation are both necessities in Abu Dhabi. It’s crucial to clean up accidents right away to avoid permanent damage. Parquet floors made of wood can get a new life with routine maintenance and occasional refinishing. Hard work and attention to detail will keep your unfinished wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi looking as beautiful as the day you installed it.

wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi

Unfinished wood flooring, often known as wooden parquet, adds a touch of rustic elegance to every room it’s installed in. Wooden parquet flooring is still widely used in Abu Dhabi, a city that values the harmonious coexistence of modernity and tradition. Unfinished wood flooring, while beautiful, can be challenging to maintain. Follow these simple maintenance instructions to keep your wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi looking great for years.

Keep Your Floors Clean Regularly

Unfinished wood flooring is vulnerable to the rapid accumulation of dust and debris, which can dull its appearance over time. You may avoid this by maintaining a regular sweeping or vacuuming schedule. Scratches can be avoided using a vacuum with a hardwood floor attachment or a broom with soft bristles.

Mild Mopping

Mop your hardwood parquet floors with a damp mop when they need a more thorough cleaning. Mop cautiously since using a wet mop might cause the wood to distort. Using a solution of mild wood floor cleanser and water, mop the floor in the same direction as the wood’s grain. Avoid water and strong chemicals since they might deteriorate the wood.

Use a Scratch Protector

Scratches may easily be made in an unfinished wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi by furniture legs, pet claws, and high heels. Put felt or furniture pads beneath the legs of heavy furniture to avoid this. Regular nail trimming is essential, as is requesting that visitors remove their shoes at the door.

Prevent Leaks of Water

Unfinished wood flooring is very vulnerable to water damage. Water may cause wood to deform or get stained if it is allowed to seep into the material for too long. Place rugs and mats made of absorbent material at doorways to prevent water from reaching the floor.

wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi

Routine Checkups

Check parquet floors made of wood for damage regularly. Examine the item for any signs of damage, such as a broken or scratched finish. Take care of problems as soon as possible to limit their impact.


Even if well cared for, wood floors may wear out over time and require refinishing. You may give your wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi new life by sanding and refinishing it. Get an expert opinion on your floor’s condition and how to refinish it properly.


Keeping unfinished wood flooring in good condition is an ongoing project, especially in a hot and humid place like Abu Dhabi. To keep your hardwood parquet looking beautiful for as long as possible, it is essential to clean it frequently, keep it free from scratches and water damage, and limit its exposure to direct sunlight and high humidity. You can extend the life of your floor and give it a new look by refinishing it as necessary.

Visit or call +971 4 591 9188 / +971 4 220 2579 to speak with a flooring professional about caring for your hardwood parquet floor. You can also send inquiries to their email address: [email protected]. Take preventative measures now to ensure your hardwood parquet retains its beautiful appearance for many years.

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Home Improvement: Top Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring

The timeless elegance of hardwood flooring transcends trends and enhances any space. It is an investment that will last due to its durability, low maintenance, and resistance to deterioration. Also, Dubai’s hardwood flooring enhances indoor air quality by preventing allergen accumulation. Various wood varieties, hues, and finishes allow customization to suit your taste. In addition to increasing property value, hardwood flooring can be refinished to maintain its appearance for years. Are you environmentally aware? The sustainable sourcing of hardwood contributes to a greener option. Choosing hardwood flooring means selecting one that combines luxury and functionality, transforming your home into a testament to enduring elegance.

hardwood flooring dubai

Regarding home improvement, selecting the correct flooring for your space is one of the most consequential decisions you can make. Hardwood flooring stands out among available options as a timeless and refined option that offers numerous benefits to householders. Hardwood flooring Dubai has earned its position as a preferred option for homeowners seeking to enhance the attractiveness and functionality of their living spaces.

Everlasting Aesthetic Appeal

The classic and enduring attractiveness of hardwood flooring in Dubai can enhance the ambiance of any room. Its natural warmth and deep tones complement various interior design styles, from traditional to modern. Whether you’re striving for a rustic agricultural aesthetic or a sleek contemporary one, hardwood flooring has the adaptability to enhance the overall appearance of your space.

Longevity and Stability

Durability is one of the most significant benefits of hardwood flooring. When properly maintained, hardwood floors can withstand heavy foot traffic and daily wear and strain for decades. Hardwood is a long-term investment that increases your home’s value because, unlike other flooring materials, it retains its attractiveness and structural integrity over time.

Straightforward Maintenance

Compared to other options, hardwood flooring in Dubai is relatively simple to maintain. Regularly sweeping and mopping hardwood floors is sufficient to keep them spotless and looking fantastic. Hardwood floors, unlike carpets, are less likely to collect pollen, allergens, and pet hair, making them more beneficial for those with sensitivities or respiratory issues.

Rising Home Worth

Hardwood flooring is an excellent investment that may multiply your return many times. Hardwood floors are a popular selling point for homes because of their longevity, classic style, and high quality of construction. Hardwood floors are a desirable feature for potential buyers and can increase the value of your property if you decide to sell in the future.

Design Flexibility

Hardwood flooring Dubai allows homeowners to express their individuality in design by selecting from a vast range of wood species, hues, and finishes. You may choose the appropriate wood type to complement your home décor and personal tastes, from maple’s light colors to walnut’s deep richness.

hardwood flooring dubai

Sustainable Option

Hardwood flooring may last many years and is a good choice for eco-friendly homes. Many factories get their lumber from sustainably managed forests, where they grow saplings to replace old ones. Hardwood flooring is also more eco-friendly since manufacturing requires less energy and water.

Natural Heat And Comfort

Hardwood flooring in Dubai provides an incomparable level of coziness and warmth that any other surface cannot match. Hardwood floors are comfortable to walk on because they are warmer than other flooring options, such as tile or stone. It may add to the comfort of your house throughout the year, but it is especially welcome in the winter.


Hardwood flooring is a popular option for those looking to upgrade their homes because of its many advantages. Hardwood flooring in Dubai is a timeless classic that can alter any room’s atmosphere completely. Hardwood flooring has several benefits that may improve the look and feel of your home or office, whether doing a whole remodel or just refreshing one area.

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Best Color Combinations For SPC Flooring In Your Home Décor

The first step in creating an eye-catching interior design for your Dubai house is choosing the right color combinations for the Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring. Color schemes may be used significantly in Dubai, thanks to the city’s mix of traditional elegance and cutting-edge opulence. The calming effect of blues and whites complements the timeless warmth of neutrals and earth tones. Grays and metals from the modern era provide an impression of sophistication, while the Arabian Nights’ rich colors add grandeur. Warm colors evoke the desert’s golden sands, while monochrome designs exude elegance. You may create a house that is uniquely you among Dubai’s plethora of design influences thanks to the compatibility of each palette with the resilience and elegance of SPC flooring Dubai.

spc flooring Dubai

Regarding interior design, Dubai is a blank slate where cutting-edge luxury and ageless custom may harmoniously coexist. Every interior design detail is essential among the city’s glittering skyscrapers and deep cultural history. The most important is the flooring; Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) has recently become rather popular. Choosing SPC flooring Dubai complements the existing decor, which is essential to making your house seem like a home. The most excellent SPC color combinations that may quickly turn homes into unique sanctuaries are explored in this post.

Earth Tones with Neutral Colors

The classic appeal of neutrals and earth tones makes them ideal for use in any design era. The desert and ultra-modern architecture of Dubai inspired this color scheme. Try matching light beige or sandy SPC flooring in Dubai with warm-toned furniture and accessories for a relaxing and welcoming vibe. A darker earthy brown may create a sumptuous atmosphere that pairs nicely with metallic elements and lavish materials.

Shades Of Blue And White

Because of Dubai’s location near the water and beautiful blue skies, SPC flooring Dubai incorporating calming blues is a great option. The combination of light pastel blues and bright whites is calming and uplifting. Bedrooms and baths benefit from this pairing, where a soothing atmosphere is necessary. Consider including some nautical-themed furnishings or artwork to give your space more personality.

Modern Metallics And Greys

The sleek modern greys and metallics mix is perfect for individuals who want contemporary and modern interior design. Silver, chrome, or brushed nickel complements light or medium grey; SPC flooring Dubai has it all. The sophisticated architecture of Dubai is reflected in this color palette, which exudes a sense of urban sophistication. Soft furnishings in warm tones and low lighting may keep a room from feeling chilly.

spc flooring Dubai

Arabian Nights

Consider using a color scheme reminiscent of the exotic Arabian Nights to add local flavor to your Dubai house. Dark wood-finish SPC flooring in Dubai works well with rich, opulent hues like burgundy, blue, and purple. The result is a luxurious and dramatic atmosphere evocative of classic Arabian decor. To fully realize this concept, you should use furniture, carpets, and decorative accents with complicated patterns.

Desert-Inspired Hues

Desert landscape and golden dunes might inspire your SPC flooring Dubai color scheme. Choose golden tones that evoke the sun’s warmth in the countryside. Terracotta, amber, and burnt orange are all acceptable color choices for this scheme. This color scheme, especially with warm earth tones like brown and beige, is perfect for living and dining rooms.


The selection of SPC flooring in Dubai colors creates a narrative of style and emotion in the vivid tapestry of your home’s interior design. Every color scheme may completely alter the mood of a room, from the soothing comfort of neutrals to the royal appeal of Arabian evenings. Make your Dubai home a relaxing sanctuary that reflects your personality and style with a few well-considered purchases.

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A Brief History Of French Parquet

The rich tradition of French parquet flooring may be traced back to the 1600s. The floors of palaces, historic buildings, and lavish estates worldwide have been covered with parquet because of their timeless beauty and exquisite patterns. Esta Parquet Abu Dhabi is the only company that has introduced this centuries-old skill to international markets. In this essay, we’ll learn about the history of French parquet, its development, and Esta Parquet’s role in establishing the style in Abu Dhabi.

The First Parquet Floors

Parquet flooring is traced back to the 16th-century French Palace of Versailles, where it was first used. The concept of using little wooden blocks assembled into complex patterns on the floor originated during the reign of King Louis XIV. This new kind of flooring installation made the palace look more luxurious and stood for excellence in design and construction. As its popularity grew, parquet spread across Europe, quickly becoming a standard in affluent homes.

esta parquet abu dhabi

The Rise Of French Parquet

Parquet flooring became increasingly popular in the 17th and 18th centuries, particularly in France. Artisans of the highest caliber perfected using multiple wood types in elaborate patterns to display their ingenuity and expertise. Iconic in interior design are geometric patterns like herringbone, chevron, and the Versailles. The quality and elegance of French parquet have ensured its popularity with architects and designers for ages.

The Evolution Of Parquet

Parquet flooring methods and styles have developed to accommodate shifting tastes and fashions. One can trace the widespread availability of parquet back to the 19th century when mass manufacture became the norm. Machine-cut Parquet was easier to install but lacked the intricate detail of hand-crafted flooring. However, the parquet retained its attractiveness and aesthetic value.

The Global Impact OfEsta Parquet

Esta Parquet Abu Dhabi and other modern businesses like it have been instrumental in keeping the age-old craft of French parquet alive and spreading it to new audiences worldwide. Esta Parquet has led the renaissance of parquet flooring thanks to the company’s unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Esta Parquet has kept the classic elegance of French parquet within reach of households, companies, and interior designers worldwide by fusing traditional methods with cutting-edge technology.

Parquet Flooring In Abu Dhabi

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, is known for its extravagant buildings and interiors. Parquet and other high-quality flooring options are in increasingly high demand in the area. Recognizing the potential of the United Arab Emirates market, French parquet manufacturer Esta Parquet has established a foothold in Abu Dhabi.

esta parquet abu dhabi


French parquet flooring first appeared in the Palace of Versailles, but it has since significantly evolved. It has evolved from a status symbol to a widely available and admired flooring option worldwide. The expertise of French parquet artisans has been preserved and made available to fans worldwide, including in UAE, thanks to the efforts of companies like Esta Parquet Abu Dhabi. Floors will continue to be adorned with parquet for years because of the material’s enduring legacy and the everlasting beauty of its intricate patterns.


Dating back to the 16th century, French parquet flooring has an exciting and elegant history. Parquet has changed over time while preserving its classic appeal, from the splendor of the Palace of Versailles to the mass manufacture of the 19th century. Esta Parquet Abu Dhabi, a household name in the business, was instrumental in the industry’s revival and the widespread dissemination of this art form. Esta Parquet has even made its way to Abu Dhabi, where the city’s penchant for opulent interiors has met its match in the refined craftsmanship of French parquet.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install Parquet Flooring?

Wooden parquet flooring is popular among Abu Dhabi residents due to its classic style and durability. It’s natural to wonder, “How much will it cost?” when hearing the idea of laying parquet flooring in your home. The installation costs of wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi may differ from one project to the next. To help you budget for this high-end flooring option, we’ll discuss the factors that most impact the total price tag.

wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi

Installation Cost Variables For Wooden Parquet Floors

Several significant elements, all of which play a part in deciding total costs, affect how much it will cost to install wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi. The price of installing wooden parquet flooring depends on these primary factors:

  • Quality Of Parquet

The grade and kind of wood you select will significantly impact the final price of your wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi. Hardwoods are often more expensive than softwoods, so you may expect to pay more for high-quality hardwoods like oak, maple, or teak. The price of parquet flooring can vary widely depending on factors such as design, pattern, and rarity.

  • Size Of The Area

The entire square footage of covered floor space directly affects the final price. Costs will increase since more time and effort will be needed to complete a larger area.

  • Method Of Setup

Options for installing parquet flooring include adhesive and floating. The overall cost may vary depending on the selected method.

  • Wage Rates

The expense of the workforce to set up wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi can vary from insignificant to considerable, depending on the intricacy of the design, proficiency in installation, and the duration required to finish the undertaking.

  • Extra Resources

Besides the cost of the parquet timber itself, there could be expenses related to readying the floor, placing moisture barriers and underlayment, and administering dyes and finishes.

  • Location

The accessibility of the location might also influence the cost of installation. Variations in labor and transportation expenses in different regions of Abu Dhabi could impact the overall expenditure.

  • Maintenance and Final Touches

The total cost of wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi will be clearer if you factor in not only the labor to install it but also the cost of finishing materials and regular upkeep.

Estimated Average Wood Parquet Floor Installation Prices

The price per square meter for installing wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi can vary between AED 150 and AED 300. The cost of materials, labor for installation, and basic finishing are all accounted for in this quote. The price per square meter can exceed AED 300 for high-end or custom-designed parquet. Costs can be as low as AED 150 per square meter for simpler designs using cheaper wood alternatives.

It’s important to remember that the above factors can cause the estimates to shift around. Talking to local flooring contractors who can evaluate your needs and provide a full breakdown of expenses is the best way to acquire an accurate price for your unique job.

wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi


Wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi is popular because of the elegance and coziness it brings to any room. Wood quality, area size, installation method, labor expenditures, and supplementary materials can all affect the final price of parquet flooring. In Abu Dhabi, installing wooden parquet flooring ranges from AED 150 to AED 300 per square meter.


Wooden parquet in Abu Dhabi is a standard and stylish option for residences. Wood quality, area size, installation method, labor expenditures, and supplementary materials all play a role in determining the final price tag for installation. Typically, you can expect to pay between AED 150 and AED 300 per square meter. Get in touch with flooring professionals in your area to acquire reliable estimates. You can add refinement and warmth to any room by installing a parquet floor, but only if you choose high-quality materials and have a professional do the installation. Before making a final choice, consider the timeless beauty and durability of oak parquet flooring.

engineered wood flooring

Simple Tips to Maintain Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered wood floors are one of the most popular floor coverings because they combine the elegance of solid wood flooring with enhanced performance. Consumers are frequently concerned about cleansing and maintaining engineered wood flooring, so we decided to share our wealth of knowledge.

engineered wood flooring

Engineered flooring is simple to maintain, and well-maintained wood flooring will last for decades. The performance and appearance of a floor are frequently compromised by inadequate cleansing and maintenance. It is essential to realize that the characteristics of natural products are limited to those of the material used. Even when classified as hard-wearing, they are not indestructible. They are still susceptible to injury and scratching. Following our maintenance instructions will aid in preventing this from occurring. Engineered wood floors are one of the most popular floor coverings because they combine the elegance of solid wood flooring with enhanced performance. Consumers are frequently concerned about cleansing and maintaining engineered wood flooring, so we decided to share our wealth of knowledge.

Engineered flooring is simple to maintain, and well-maintained wood flooring will last for decades. The performance and appearance of a floor are frequently compromised by inadequate cleansing and maintenance. It is essential to realize that the characteristics of natural products are limited to those of the material used. Even when classified as hard-wearing, they are not indestructible. They are still susceptible to injury and scratching. Following our maintenance instructions will aid in preventing this from occurring.

What is Necessary to Keep Your Wood Flooring Looking Amazing?

There are four essential considerations for keeping a timber floor in pristine condition. Each will be discussed in detail.

  • Site conditions
  • Protection
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning

In addition, it is crucial to observe the following inherent characteristics of real wood flooring:

  • Engineered wood expands and contracts in response to variations in temperature and humidity.
  • Spills must be cleared up without delay to prevent damage.
  • Scratches are common and difficult to avoid on genuine wood.
  • The hue will evolve over time.
  • Oiled Flooring requires more upkeep than Lacquered Flooring.

Heat and Moisture

It is crucial to ensure that the site conditions are suitable when maintaining engineered wood flooring. Wood is a natural material that responds to its surroundings. It is essential to maintain a stable environment or favourable site conditions after installing engineered wood flooring. The humidity should be always maintained between 40 and 65 percent RH. This is considered a normal level of indoor humidity in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This should be simple to maintain in a warm, dry environment. If you are concerned about humidity, you can measure it with a hygrometer. More information is available at Humidity and Wood Flooring.

engineered wood flooring

The installation space should also be heated and maintained between 16 and 28 degrees Celsius. This is quite a broad range, and it encompasses most residential and commercial environments. However, if you will be absent from home for extended periods of time, we recommend that you maintain a temperature of 16°C. This can help prevent excessive growth.

Damage to Engineered Flooring

To help prevent blemishes on engineered wood flooring, we suggest the following precautions:

  • Utilize abrasive mats at exterior entrances.
  • Install felt cushions on every piece of furniture.
  • Examine footwear for metal studs or faded heels.
  • Do not drag items; rather, raise them.
  • Use maintenance lubricants or lacquer protection.

Oiled Flooring will require some additional maintenance. Utilize a cleanser formulated specifically for oiled wood flooring. Numerous wood floor cleansers and household cleaners can eliminate the oil. Periodically, a replenishing oil should be applied, which will infuse new oil into the surface, ensuring its continued protection. This can occur anywhere between 6 and 24 months depending on usage. It is simple and ensures that your oiled wood flooring remains protected and beautiful. Our Woca oiled flooring maintenance package is available in natural (for natural or dark flooring) and white (for lighter flooring) and contains everything required.


hardwood flooring dubai

9 Modern Living Rooms with Real Hardwood Floors

Wooden flooring has long been regarded as a refined and timeless option for contemporary living spaces. Due to its natural attractiveness and sturdiness, it is a popular choice among homeowners. FloorsDubai provides an exquisite variety of genuine hardwood flooring to enhance the aesthetic appeal of living rooms in Dubai. In this blog, we will investigate nine breathtaking living rooms that showcase the seamless fusion of modern design and the timeless appeal of hardwood flooring.

Elegant Minimalism: Minimalist living rooms exude elegance and simplicity. Light-colored genuine hardwood floors are the ideal foundation for a minimalist aesthetic. The clean lines and unadorned space create an inviting atmosphere, highlighting the natural beauty of the hardwood. FloorsDubai provides a variety of hardwood flooring options in Dubai that effortlessly complement a minimalist living room, thereby enhancing the overall design.

hardwood flooring dubai

Scandinavian Chic: living rooms with a Scandinavian aesthetic value simplicity and functionality. Authentic hardwood floors, particularly light oak, or maple, effortlessly complement the Scandinavian stylish design. The wood’s natural grain enhances the room’s luminosity, creating a pleasant and inviting ambiance. FloorsDubai offers a variety of hardwood flooring options that coordinate flawlessly with Scandinavian living room designs, combining contemporary and nature-inspired aesthetics without difficulty.

Distressed hardwood floors are an excellent choice for a living room with rustic character. The wood’s weathered appearance and warm tones add personality and create a comfortable atmosphere. FloorsDubai’s collection of rustic hardwood flooring in Dubai infuses country character into modern living spaces, creating an inviting and hospitable environment.

Industrial living rooms emanate a raw and edgy aesthetic. Real hardwood floors with dark finishes contribute to a harmonious design by providing a warm contrast to the exposed brick and metal elements. The combination of rough textures and smooth surfaces produces a captivating living area. FloorsDubai provides a variety of hardwood flooring options that complement the industrial fusion motif, resulting in a contemporary and welcoming living room.

Hardwood flooring is a versatile option for living rooms with a coastal motif. The room’s airiness is enhanced using light-colored wood, which conjures a tranquil coastal retreat. FloorsDubai offers a variety of hardwood floors that merge seamlessly with coastal decor elements, such as nautical accents and soothing color palettes, resulting in a living room that exudes coastal elegance and sophistication.

Authentic hardwood floors lend an element of luxury and coziness to contemporary living rooms. Dark hardwoods with sleek finishes emanate opulence, whereas lighter wood tones evoke a sense of airiness and space. FloorsDubai’s selection of hardwood flooring options can be seamlessly incorporated into a variety of modern living room designs, transforming the space into an oasis of contemporary luxury.

A living room that is eclectic is a celebration of a variety of designs and textures. Genuine hardwood floors provide a versatile backdrop that allows eclectic design elements to stand out. Whether it’s vivid patterns, bold hues, or vintage pieces, the natural beauty of hardwood accentuates the eclectic design. Floors Dubai’s assortment of hardwood flooring in Dubai provides the ideal canvas for a variety of design options, resulting in a captivating and individualized living room.

hardwood flooring dubai

Asian Zen Hardwood floors complement a living room design inspired by Asian aesthetics beautifully. The natural grain and organic hues produce a Zen-like atmosphere. FloorsDubai provides a variety of hardwood flooring options that complement the aesthetics of Asian interior design, resulting in a living space that emanates harmony and tranquillity.

Modern Classic Living spaces that are modern classic combine contemporary and traditional elements. Authentic hardwood floors provide an enduring base for such designs. Floors Dubai’s collection accommodates a variety of design preferences, making it simple to create a modern classic living space with enduring elegance and sophistication.


The natural beauty and enduring allure of real hardwood floors from Floors Dubai effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of contemporary living rooms. From minimalist elegance to eclectic ecstasy, hardwood flooring’s adaptability allows for seamless integration with a vast array of living room designs. Whether you prefer a contemporary luxury or rustic appeal, the hardwood flooring options in Dubai add sophistication and warmth to your living space to create the ideal atmosphere.

lvt flooring Dubai

LVT Flooring Maintenance Hacks: Tips and Tricks for Easy Upkeep

Care Instructions for Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles assure elegance and sophistication in interior design. In addition to their flawless appearance, they provide the utmost underfoot comfort to keep your feet feeling great. At Floors Dubai, we specialize in making a house a home, and our LVT flooring in Dubai can do just that. We want to guarantee the durability of your flooring so that you can experience the luxury of luxury vinyl tiles for a longer period.

  • Handle your floor with care, avoiding dragging or pushing furniture whenever possible, and lifting anything that needs to be moved.
  • Place mats beneath your furniture and heavier items to protect your luxury vinyl tiles from damage and general wear and tear.
  • If you are purchasing a rug to place over your LVT, select one with a non-slip lining to prevent slip-related injuries. You can purchase non-slip rug underlay separately to place underneath any rug.

General Advice

Luxury vinyl flooring tiles are exceptionally simple to clean, making them ideal for family residences where spills and stains are inevitable. Our LVT is an excellent choice for your kitchen because spills and stains can be cleaned up immediately without penetrating the material.

With just a brush and a cleaner, you can make your LVT floor appear brand new. Using a quick vacuum to remove dirt and dust from your floors will leave your LVT flooring in Dubai showing clean and organized with minimal effort. A weekly wipe-down with a mop or antibacterial cloths will replenish the floor’s surface and restore its “new floor sheen.” Utilize scented cloths to enhance the room’s freshness.

Stain Removal From LVT

Although luxury vinyl tiling is typically simple to clean, certain stains can become embedded and more difficult to eliminate than others. Here are some tricks for cleaning floors:

  • Use a damp fabric and a mild cleaning detergent to remove the excess spillage and any discoloration it can have caused by wiping the stain.
  • Thoroughly wring out your cloth or mop before using it to remove stains; don’t flood the floor!
  • Using a soft-bristled brush, rub the stained area in circular motions to loosen any grime embedded in the crevices of your LVT flooring. Avoid using abrasive substances that could damage the surface.
  • Cleaning compounds can be used to remove stains that are particularly stubborn. Before using, verify the label to ensure that the product is compatible with LVT flooring.
  • After cleaning, always rinse away any detergents or soaps to prevent sticking or bleaching.
  • Take the time to let the floor dry before strolling on it, both for your safety and to preserve the cleanliness of the floor!
  • Never use a steam cleaner to maintain your LVT floor, as this is strictly prohibited. Heat and moisture can cause irreparable harm to your floor by lifting the material from its foundations.
  • For stubborn lipstick, crayon, paint, or ink stains, apply rubbing alcohol and scour with a soft-bristled brush. Steel wool and other abrasive brushes can damage the floor, so avoid using them. Use nail polish remover for nail polish discoloration.

lvt flooring Dubai

Maintenance for Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

  • A routine, weekly cleaning will leave your floor appearing clean and well-kept.
  • The ultimate flooring solution from Floors Dubai is a reliable doormat! They can promptly absorb any dirt and moisture you can track inside. A large doormat covering the entrance to your home will keep your corridors clean and protect your LVT from dirt and debris that could otherwise accumulate on the surface.
  • Avoid installing your LVT in a room that is constantly exposed to direct sunlight, as this can cause minor discoloration.

If your LVT flooring in Dubai requires replacement, or if you simply desire a change of design, our Flooring collection is extensive. Whether you’re searching for vinyl with a wood effect, tile, stone, or pattern, our LVT selection will not disappoint. Contact Floors Dubai to determine the optimal flooring for you!