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The Benefits of Choosing Engineered Wood Flooring

Floors in Dubai is always working to improve its services. Therefore, we include architects and interior designers at every stage of the process. That’s why we provide you with so many options in terms of colors and finish. This is also why we exclusively use cutting-edge machinery.

There’s no denying that the popularity of solid wood flooring is on the decrease. Market shifts and our commitment to a sustainable future for Earth needs us to rethink our approach.

As a result, we think engineered wood flooring will become more popular in the years to come. It’s great for any kind of building, whether commercial or residential since it’s sustainable and easy on the environment.

Some of the advantages it provides are as follows:

1. Substitute that is better for the planet

The saying “less is more” has stood the test of time. The method used to create engineered wood flooring is ideal.

To begin with, a lot less of the tree is used on each board than with a solid hardwood floor. Substituting faster-growing hardwoods like birch and poplar for slower-growing ones like Oak, it reduces the amount of those trees needed by 75 percent.

The manufacturing process for engineered wood flooring generates little waste products. As a result of the veneer being sliced instead of cut, much less sawdust and emissions are generated.

Engineered wood flooring is built to tolerate moisture, so it could extend the time between replacements. It’s also simpler to remove the broken boards if replacement is necessary, which saves wood.

2. Make the place seem warm and inviting.

There are many uses for engineered wood flooring, including making a house cozier in the winter and adding a touch of warmth to business settings.

Because of its unique construction, engineered wood flooring is available in an almost infinite variety of shades and textures. There is no limit to the creativity that can come from using a brushed finish for a more natural look or an oiled one for more longevity.

Wood Flooring Dubai

3. Exceptional rating for longevity

Durability should always be considered from the beginning of any project planning phase. Most notably, the flooring. The flooring should be durable enough to handle heavy foot traffic in commercial and residential settings including hotels, restaurants, and even kitchens and living rooms.

One piece of good news is that engineered wood flooring consistently ranks well in customer satisfaction surveys. Because it is veneered, it can be sanded and polished several times, extending its life by many years. It also implies the flooring won’t have any issues adapting to new designs for the project.

Even better, it can be used in moist areas like bathrooms and basements. Due to how it is installed, it can withstand higher levels of moisture without displaying signs of damage or warping than solid wood.

4. It’s Simple to Maintain

Engineered wood flooring is less hospitable to dust and debris, making it simpler to keep clean. Mopping with a moist cloth and sweeping up dust are the two mainstays of engineered wood flooring maintenance. As opposed to more conventional flooring options, engineered wood floors keep their luster for a long period without the need for re-polishing.

Wood Flooring Dubai

5. Several Alternatives

The market is booming with a range of wood flooring alternatives, so it is sure to suit your needs. Engineered wood flooring in Dubai can be found in a broad variety of styles, colors, and textures to complement a wide variety of interior design aesthetics. Engineered wood flooring is available in a wide variety of widths, thicknesses, and species. 

The Floors Dubai range provides a wide range of engineered wood flooring solutions to accommodate a variety of budgets and aesthetic preferences. Each piece of wood we utilize is inherently attractive, and our superior technology and skilled workmanship bring out the wood’s natural beauty and inherent character. Our extensive assortment includes the most exotic wood species from across the globe to complement any decor. Simply contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about our engineered flooring at Floors Dubai.

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