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SPC Flooring: What Exactly Is It?

What is SPC Flooring?

SPC, which is an abbreviation for stone plastic composite, is meant to resemble classic flooring materials such as stone, ceramic, and wood, but offers many more practical advantages, as you will discover in the next section. Using realistic photographic prints and a transparent vinyl top layer, SPC allows for a vast array of design possibilities.

SPC flooring typically consists of the four layers listed below:

  • Wear Layer – Crucial to the longevity of your tiles, this layer employs transparent coatings such as aluminum oxide to prevent your floor from quickly wearing away.
  • Vinyl Top Layer – Certain premium varieties of SPC are created with realistic, 3D graphics that can be fitted to replicate the appearance of stone, ceramic, or wood.
  • Rigid Core – The core layer provides the most value for money. Here you will discover a high-density, but robust, waterproof core that gives the plank its stiffness and stability.
  • Backing Layer — Also known as the flooring’s backbone, this layer offers your planks additional sound installation and is naturally mold and mildew-resistant.

The Advantages of Selecting SPC Vinyl Flooring

Simple installation

SPC can be used in two simple ways: adhesive or loose-lay flooring. By using modern loose-lay techniques, SPC can be used with little surface preparation. This method can minimize both flooring installation costs and installation time.


Completely waterproof construction is one of the greatest advantages of SPC vinyl flooring. In contrast to many of the flooring items it replicates, these planks can survive liquids and spills due to the hard PVC core layer.

Fashion and Comfort

The surface of SPC is softer than other flooring materials such as wood or stone. Additionally, it is more comfortable underfoot and reduces noise, which is a crucial quality for many institutions.

Many of the components utilized in the creation of SPC include renewable items, recyclable content, and low-emitting materials, which can assist your business in obtaining LEED certification.


Want budget-friendly flooring that is waterproof, scratch-, stain-, and fade-resistant? You need to look no further. In general, SPC vinyl flooring is less costly than the luxury floors it imitates, such as hardwood and stone.

SPC Flooring Dubai


SPC floors never need sanding, making them far simpler to maintain than other luxury flooring options. Since it is entirely waterproof, all you need is a moist mop to clean it.

Flooring Installation Using SPC

In ten easy steps, you’ll have the ideal flooring and a suitable appearance!

  • Begin with the first plank

Utilizing a 3/8″ spacer, position the first board against the wall. Choose the wall that is most prominent when entering the space.

  • Then go to the second plank

Now you should carefully position the second board beside the first. This trend will continue.

  • Be sure to fold the panels down

After they are adjacent, fold the panel down in one fast motion. Then, apply pressure until the planks lock together. There should not be a necessity for excessive force.

SPC Flooring Dubai

  • Install spacers

Once you reach the end of the wall, place a 3/8″-thick spacer against the wall. Ensure that the final board will fit by measuring the available space.

  • Cut the flooring with a Jigsaw

Using a jigsaw, cut the component to the correct dimensions. Ensure that the face of the board is facing down before cutting to minimize the impression of any damage.

  • Move to the second row

As you proceed to the second row, maintain a minimum plank length of 10 inches.

  • Keep general distances

The minimum distance between the short ends must not be less than six inches.

  • Move the second plank to the second row.

Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 as you go to further rows.

SPC Flooring Dubai

  • Modify as required

Every room is unique. Turn as necessary until you reach the last row.

  • Finally focused on the last row

When you reach the final row, ensure that the minimum width is no more than 2 inches wide. Remember that the wall’s distance is also 3/8″

Our skilled crews will install commercial SPC flooring and provide you with the most cost-effective, impartial flooring options for your building.

At Floors Dubai, we’ve installed practically every form of commercial flooring, including an extensive selection of vinyl planks. We can show you samples and assist you in choosing the ideal flooring for your budget, interior design scheme, and facility conditions.

To properly install SPC flooring in Dubai, the subfloor must be clean, dry, and well-balanced. Thereafter, installation is a rather straightforward procedure. The majority of SPC vinyl planks interlock using tongue and groove technology. Although SPC is not needed to adhere to the subfloor, it can be necessary for some regions or locations of your business.

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