The Rubber 3.6 mm underlay from Duralay !

This fantastic underlayer has a variety of applications. They can be used under Solid woods, Engineered woods and laminate floors.

Underlay is the layer of material directly beneath your floor covering. If you were to tear up the flooring in y2our home, you would likely find many layers. When you removed the floor covering, also called the finish floor, you’d expose the underlay.

Using underlay as a base to your wood or laminate flooring has a few advantages.
1) Get fantastic sound absorbtion to reduce impact and click noises. up to 15 DB reductions !

2) Use Rubber underlay to smooth out the undulations in your floor of up to 3mm

3) Hollow step sounds are also absorbed to give you a more muted walk effect. Much more so than when using underlays of other construction like the EVA or the Foam underlay.

4) Your rubber underlay also provide great moisture protection coming from the rubber core that it has. Protect you exisiting subfloor as well as you new wood or laminate floor with the Rubber 3.6 mm underlay from Duralay!

Weight20 kg

7 Days









Qty per box



1 x 15 m




3.6 mm


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Rubber 3.6 mm

The sound reducing 3.6mm Sponge rubber underlay. Made from recycled rubber. Perfect for wood or laminate flooring.

This product is sold in full rolls. Minimum order can be of a single roll which is calculated for you below. Input your room size to get the exact number of units you need to purchase.

30.00 AED Per M2

Actual Area (sq m) 15.07
Total Price 452.10 AED
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