Presenting Nabbia! the latest innovation after Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Using e-marble tech from Falquon – Germany !

The next evolutionary step in vinyl technology is the Stone Plastic Composite tile. Also know as SPC. This floor comes with a clicking system that makes this product so extremely quick to install.

The plank dimensions emulate a ceramic tile floor laid to perfection!

The construction of the SPC floor allows for an even more stable board. Expansion and contraction are minuscule giving you more advantage when dealing with humidity and temperature changes.

The rigidity of the board also means more impact resistance and almost no residual indentations making this a popular choice for high traffic areas.

Adding a click system also makes this beautiful product greatly viable for rental properties. You can remove the floor and give the property back in its original condition. This is possible because all installation with the ‘click’ are done without the use of adhesives.

The Nabbia SPC ‘click’ is just one of our many offerings. It comes in a standard thickness of 4 mm with a long time commercial warranty. This floor is here to stay!

The Layers

SPC click plank layers

Brought together in different layers, it comes with a UV hardened, protective top layer that makes the warranty possible and provides durability and beauty to this amazing product. To read more about these types of floors, please visit our blog page to find some fantastic content on different types of flooring products.

Being completely waterproof, while giving the impression of a wood floor, you can install it virtually anywhere in the property without extensive needs for maintenance.

Our products are Eco-friendly and safe for indoor use making it the perfect option for your family or office space.

If you are looking for a floor, that looks like real wood, is easy to install and remove, without any maintenance issues whatsoever? Look no further than all our SPC click ranges!

Weight 20.4 kg

4 – 6 weeks


The Floor




SPC Tiles




Stone Embossed


Click type, Floating



Qty per box



Stone / Uni


800 x 400 mm




Concrete Effect


6 mm

Top layer

0.55 mm


15 years


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Backorder Lead time is 8 – 10 weeks

The beautiful Nabbia SPC tiles. This floor requires 8-10 weeks of shipping from date of purchase.

This product is sold in boxes. Minimum purchase can be of a single box. Please input your room size below to get the exact number of units required for your area.

175.00 AED Per M2

Available on backorder

Actual Area (sq m) 1.92
Total Price 336.00 AED
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