Stone Grey

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The beautiful Stone Grey sheet vinyl is durable and easy to install.

This product is sold in ‘cut lengths’ with pieces having a set width of 4 meters. Input the the number of meters you would like to purchase to realize the total price of the product.

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Vinyl Sheet structure imageThe stone grey homogeneous vinyl sheet roll flooring from Tarkett, France!

With a durable 2 mm overall thickness. Vinyl sheet flooring is the perfect application for any areas that require a high level of germ and fungal protection. Therefore, it is highly suitable for use in clinics, hospitals, nurseries and other commercial areas like hotel back offices.

Lay the rolls out edge to edge and seal them with matching welding rods. This will close out any open edges and seal away the possibility of any bacteria hiding in the joints. With anti fungal features, the make up of this vinyl flooring ensures you have a hospital grade clean floor.

Nurseries and play areas can also benefit from this extremely quite floor that also protects against bumps and scrapes.

The Stone Grey vinyl roll is waterproof and extremely durable, this is the perfect solution for a high traffic areas. With patented PUR coating, you will never need to polish this Tarkett floor after it is installed.

We try and bring you the best possible solutions for your requirements. Our trusted advisers can guide you through your project specifications and help you select the best option for your needs.

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