PU Foam 10 mm

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All branded PU foam 10 mm underlays are part of the Tredaire brand, a byword for luxurious, underfoot comfort. PU is particularly good at insulation and impact sound reduction as well as being inherently comfortable and durable. This makes it a favoured material for carpet underlayment. It is also lightweight, so it’s easy to carry and fit. PU foam is economical to manufacture and can be produced with either an open or closed cell structure. Open cell is usually the best for underlay due to it’s flexible and elastic properties.

The PU Foam 10 mm underlay is specifically designed to be used with carpet floors. Read further about all the benefits of a foam underlay.

Underlay is the layer of material directly beneath your floor covering. If you were to tear up the flooring in your home, you would likely find many layers. When you removed the floor covering, also called the finish floor, you’d expose the underlay.

1) It protects your sub floor which can be concrete but it usually marble or tiles. Using a foam underlay will not only protect the floor it is laid on, it also protects your new carpet floor from contracting any moisture that forms on the sub floor due to temperature changes.

2) Get fantastic sound absorption to reduce impact and click noises.

3) Use foam underlay to smooth out the undulations in your floor of up to 3mm

4) Get great cushioning under feet for that ultra luxurious feeling

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PU Foam






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