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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Floor

It’s crucial to know how to take care of your floors so they retain their shine for years to come, especially if you’ve recently invested in new flooring. We can help you extend the life of your flooring, whether it’s carpet, wood, or vinyl.

In what ways do floors age?

New flooring won’t last forever, but you should get your money’s worth out of them. The expected lifespan of various flooring options varies.

Keep the floors regularly vacuumed

Keeping your floors free of dirt, dust, and other debris is as easy as vacuuming. It’s especially vital to keep the flooring clean if you have pets who shed. Any type of flooring can benefit from initial vacuuming.

Keep moisture from entering the home

Water can hasten the deterioration of timber floors and promote the growth of mildew in carpets. Make sure the humidity is taken into account by your HVAC system if you live in a very humid area. Alternatively, you could invest in a dehumidifier to permanently eliminate indoor humidity.

Don’t wait to clean up spills

Even if a spill doesn’t look like much at first glance, it can quickly become a bigger problem if it’s not cleaned up. Make sure you have the supplies on hand to clean up any accidents.

A yearly deep cleaning is required

Deep cleaning your floors at least once a year, preferably twice a year, or as recommended by the manufacturer is as important as deep cleaning your teeth or air ducts. Regular cleaning won’t be able to get rid of the grime and dirt this will get up off the floor.

Appropriate Setup

The quality of the installation is a major determinant of the flooring’s durability. Make sure you get a professional floor installer. If the floors are installed correctly, they will survive for many years without any problems. Gaps between floorboards, loose tiles, and uneven floors are all signs of sloppy construction that will end up costing you in the long term.

Take off your shoes at the door

The floors can get worn down faster from shoes being worn inside compared to when people go shoeless. Shoes with rough bottoms can cause speedier damage and scuff marks, although slippers and other soft shoes normally cause no problems. Wearing outside footwear increases the likelihood of tracking in moisture and dirt.

Spread Rugs

Area rugs are a great way to preserve the condition of your flooring in high-use rooms. Rugs can be found in a wide variety of sizes and forms, and they can even be piled atop carpets to create new and interesting visual effects.

Maintaining Laminate and Vinyl Floors for Longer Life

Stock Up on Extra Boards

It’s a good idea to purchase some additional laminate flooring in Abu Dhabi before beginning the installation procedure, just like you would with tile. When compared to wooden floor planks, vinyl planks are much simpler to set up and replace if damaged.

laminate flooring in Abu Dhabi

Fill up Small Holes on the Floor with Adhesive

If your vinyl flooring ever has dings or scratches, you can fix them with a floor filler that you can have on hand. Putty is available in a wide range of hues to ensure a perfect colour match with the flooring.

Invest in Waterproof Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl flooring is a wonderful choice for high-moisture areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms due to its durability and resistance to water. Choosing this option from the get-go will extend the life of your floors.

In conclusion, preserving the look and functioning of your floor during its lifetime is crucial. This can be accomplished in several ways, including by selecting high-quality flooring materials, employing expert installation methods, and performing routine maintenance. Floors Dubai provides a variety of flooring materials and professional installation services to guarantee the quality and durability of your new floors.



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